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Clay Moore (He/Him)

Senior pursuing a B.S. in Plant & Environmental Soil Science with a minor in Plant Breeding

Clay a senior undergraduate is currently attending Texas A&M University, and he is running the “Hemp Conversion Program” creating a public germ-plasm bank for his university. He is employed by Texas A&M Agrilife Research working under Dr. Russell Jessup in the Industrial Hemp Breeding Program. He is an 8th generation Texan born and raised in Victoria, Texas. Clay plans on becoming an Ph.D. one day who can operate his own legal cannabis production company cultivating, breeding, extracting, and selling cannabis. In his eyes, medicating with Cannabis has helped many people all around the world. He wants to be part of moving the nation forward allowing Veterans with PTSD, people diagnosed with Cancer, ALS and Seizure patients access to newer non-addictive, long-term healing medications extracted from Cannabis. 

Meredith "MJ" Clay

Meredith Clay is an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University completing their junior year with a major in horticultural sciences and a minor in plant breeding. They are currently employed with Texas A&M Agrilife Research at the Industrial Hemp Breeding Program under Dr. Russell Jessup as well with the Crop Genetic Editing Laboratory under Dr. Michael Thomson, working with Cannabis and CRISPR CAS-9 technology. Meredith is from Baltimore, Maryland where she developed a love for plants and the environment while living on her family farm. They took opportunities to grow legal cannabis throughout high school while in compliance with medicinal cannabis laws in Maryland. They developed a love for Cannabis and are following aspirations at Texas A&M University to obtain a PhD in purpose of improving Cannabis and the health of our planet.

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Ian McGrath

Ian McGrath is a junior undergraduate student majoring in plant and environmental soil science, and is currently employed with AgriLife Research in the Industrial Hemp Breeding Program under Dr. Russell Jessup. Ian was born in Austin and raised in Kyle, Texas, where he uncovered a passion for plant chemistry and environmentalism. He currently has aspirations for graduate school and a PhD, where he plans to focus on phytochemical plant breeding. Since the Cannabis plant contains hundreds of phytochemicals and is decades behind in crop development, it seemed the obvious choice. It is his view that Cannabis is wrongfully stigmatized, and is of immense scientific and medicinal value. Ian hopes to promote professionalism in the Cannabis space while helping to correct the social injustices brought on by the war on drugs.

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